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AHRF Trustee's


Shawn Davies

Co Founder AHRF, Field Researcher, Computer Software Engineer Shawn has worked in Information Technology as a consultant in the Intermountain Region since 1985, with experience working in a variety of environments and companies including but not limited to…

Terry Carter

Co Founder AHRF, Field Researcher, Author, Business Owner Terry brings unrivaled field experience and research to the AHRF, and is nationally recognized as an authority regarding Ancient Studies and pre-Columbian cultures in North America. His research in…

June Balaich

Co Founder AHRF, Field Researcher, Miner and Inventor June presently owns two mining properties and has been involved in prospecting for more than 44 years, during which time he researched Spanish, Jesuit, and Indian markings as well as petroglyphs, signs of…
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Utahna Jessop

AHRF Trustee, Field Researcher, History Teacher, Library Administrator, Field Representative Utahna has 25 years of experience in field research and ancient studies with a particular interest in historical archaeology and ancient inscriptions. She is a field…